Over one hundred companies worldwide are developing 2D technologies- none are commercially viable today. In time, 2D materials will outstrip all current nano-materials, especially in imaging, electronics, medical and energy storage applications.

Other markets that will be impacted include medical, automotive, coatings, communications, printing, filtration, sensors, solar, oil, and lubricants.

Only SMI can deliver the promise for 2D technology today- using its proven production “recipes”- verified  by the world’s leading PhD scientists and researchers in the field at the Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratories.

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Team Members 

  • Steven Kroll- Team Leader
  • Dr. Daniel Zavitz- PhD, Chemistry/ Physics
  • Dr. Jozef Ociepa- PhD, Chemistry/ Physics
  • Ryan Green- MS Materials Science/BS Chemical Engineering/Electrical Engineering
  • John Kubricky- DoD's former Deputy Under-Secretary of Defense for Advanced Systems & Concepts
  • Stuart Johnstone- Technology Entrepreneur